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We provide tutoring, home-schooling and supplementary teaching

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Have a look below at some of the services that we provide!


We can provide after-school tutoring to complement teaching received at school. We can target 'gaps' in learning to catch your child up with their specific age learning requirements. 

We can provide tutoring during the day to students receiving home-schooling or Distance Education learning. 

Tutoring can be weekly, ongoing or on an 'as needed' basis for assistance with assessment tasks or tricky seasons.


We can provide home-schooling services to children wishing to try a different educational plan than regular schooling. This can be tailored to your family's individual needs. This may involve educational plans written by us and delivered at home by parents/guardians, or delivered by us multiple times a week. Get is touch with us to discuss your child's specific requirements and individual needs. 

Working with children who have learning difficulties or disabilities

We are passionate about assisting children who have learning needs, disabilities or learning difficulties and strongly believe in doing all we can to allow them access to learning that is at a comfortable level. At Life-bearing Education we have experience working with children with a range of learning needs and challenges.

Literacy Screening Assessments

We can also carry out a screening assessment on your child if you are looking to investigate their level of processing skills (CHIPS screening tool assessment). The Check How I Process Screener (CHIPS) is an informal, evidence-based screener that examines a child’s pre-literacy skills. CHIPS assesses the four processing skills known to impact on early literacy development. Screening results obtained may assist with early detection of literacy challenges in beginner readers, and provide greater understanding of the processing difficulties struggling readers face. 

Learning Resources

We can provide unit plans, supplementary teaching resources or educational activities to assist your child with assessment or homework.

We have self-created unit plans for each subject area which will be used as a base to create individualised lesson plans for your child for home-schooling. These will take into consideration their likes and dislikes, individual strengths, as well as their learning style and preferred way of learning.

Ask us how we can assist!

Send us a message below to find out how our tutoring services can be of assistance in your child's unique learning situation. 

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