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Our Life-bearing Education Team

We work collaboratively as a team to deliver education which is impactful and meaningful in the lives of children. We communicate with school and home to ensure we are working to partner together in education, for the best interests of the child. 

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Director of Life-bearing Education

Zoe Bramhall

I am a Queensland qualified teacher with current registration and I have been teaching for 8 years. I have taught Years 5,6,7,8 and 9. For the past three years I have been specialising in teaching students with Learning needs, disabilities and those requiring Learning Support. 


I am English and completed my schooling years in England and Australia which provided me with exposure to different teaching styles. My sister has Downs Syndrome and my Mum runs her own business providing therapy to children with needs, so I have grown up with a thorough understanding of the difficulties and struggles of children at schools and aim to make learning fun, enjoyable and practical.


I believe that children need to have a positive relationship with their teacher and genuinely enjoy what they are learning in order to file away long-term knowledge. I teach through clear communication, fun, interactive activities, conversation and revisiting prior knowledge.



Tahlia-Rose Pyke

After spending three years as a teacher-aide in Brisbane, I have moved to Rockhampton to start an amazing new journey. Over the years I have obtained a Cert 4 in Educational Studies, a Diploma in Education and I am currently studying to complete my degree in Education.


As a teacher-aide I had the amazing opportunity to adapt and change my support for specific students and work with the student's abilities to successfully achieve their learning outcome. I have worked with students from Prep through to Middle-School and am very open-minded when it comes to education and new ways of learning. 

Each student that I work with has a unique way of learning and by supporting and motivating them to get out of their comfort zones, I am able to encourage them to achieve their educational goals. I understand that school can be a confusing time for children and I know, from experience, the disadvantage of having zero motivation and low expectations from teachers.  I want to be an educator who supports, motivates, incorporates positive reinforcement and pushes students to achieve their full potential. I want to support students and show them that education is beneficial. 

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Director of Life-bearing Education

Kristoffer Nilsson

I have experience working as a therapy assistant for a business called Allsorts Developmental that specialises in multidisciplinary services for children. I have worked in multiple schools with students ranging from Year 1-6 and those who require learning support. I have also studied secondary teaching and love working with high school aged students. 

I was born in the United States, however I have lived in Europe and have traveled to many other places. I have a passion for both learning and teaching. I went to University for 2 years in the states before moving to Australia to travel and continue my studies. I am able to tutor any subject as I have studied a very wide range of materials including but not limited to: psychology, philosophy, health and wellness, communications, nutrition, Swedish, chemistry, and maths. 

I know that school can be difficult for many students which is why I think it's important that children have fun while learning. I love having an open channel of communication with my students and developing a relationship where they can feel comfortable and have a positive male role model.

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Katie Black

After several years as an early years classroom teacher I am thrilled to have this opportunity to work with students in a one-on-one setting. With each learner I aspire to combine the right balance of age appropriate pedagogies with traditional learning strategies to further their knowledge and skills. I aim to develop a growth mindset in students through  'power of yet' thinking and the well-documented benefits of praising effort. With the right encouragement and motivation, learners can be empowered, self-directed and take ownership of their progress which ultimately leads to optimised learning outcomes. 


During my younger years I was employed as a disability support worker and after school care assistant before graduating and transitioning to a teaching role with Education Queensland. I also spent a few years working at CQUniversity in various roles, including facilitating a course in an enabling program designed to prepare learners for tertiary study. Around this time I was also very fortunate to be offered the opportunity to teach English in South Korea for a short time. As a passionate advocate for lifelong learning, I am continuing my own formal education by studying educational neuroscience through CQUniversity.  

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